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The Dead Weather: Horehound


Jack White’s new project erupts with chemistry

The gritty, filthy sex appeal that characterizes the Dead Weather’s  debut album from the very first track surges and throbs throughout the entire record, as Jack White’s “supergroup” simultaneously lives up to the hype and defies expectations. Continue reading


Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band: Outer South


Oberst stops whining, grows up, learns to have a little fun

Let’s be honest: Conor Oberst  has an image that he’s dragged around with him like a tear-stained cardigan for about a decade. The whimpering, “dear diary” Conor lamented, wailed, wept and whispered his way to indie-rock stardom as the frontman of Bright Eyes , simultaneously influencing the future of rock ‘n’ roll as he went. Six-ish bands, one dual album release and countless Dylan comparisons later, Oberst is finally learning to lighten up. Continue reading

Artist of the Week: Serena Ryder


Hometown: Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

Album: Is It O.K.

For Fans Of: Brandi Carlile , Grace Potter , Bonnie Raitt

In 2001, an 18-year-old girl from a tiny Canadian town sat down at Toronto’s Little India restaurant to have lunch with musician/producer Hawksley Workman. “I’d never even had Indian food at that point, I was such a small-town girl,” Serena Ryder  laughs, describing the fairy-tale turning point of her music career. Workman’s manager had overheard the young singer-songwriter’s on-air performance on CBC Radio, “and all of a sudden I was going to the big city of Toronto,” Ryder recalls. She was immediately invited to sign with Workman’s label, Isadora. “And it was history from there.” Continue reading

Twitter, the Movie: Director Frank Kelly Talks 140


140_twitter_movie_mSocial media phenomenon Twitter has spawned gossip, hilarity, feuding (complete with 140-character-or-less zingers), and above all, an exponential decrease in workplace productivity. Independent filmmaker Frank Kelly, however, is seeking to find meaning in Twitter beyond abbreviated witticisms and one-liner celebrity snubs with his latest documentary, 140. Continue reading

New York Dolls: ‘Cause I Sez So


The Dolls chuck the mascara but keep their glam-rock swagger

Back in the mid-’70s, the New York Dolls  teetered their way to cult status atop platform heels, shredding on the guitars and giving everyone the finger along the way. Now, a Dolls overhaul has resulted in their fourth studio album after 36 years of trash-talkin’ and lipstick-wearin’. And surprisingly, four decades and only two original members later, the’ve managed to retain their glitter-trash sound. Continue reading

Mark Mallman Talks Guinness Book of World Records, Marathon Shows, Keyboard Riding


Last month, when we reported on Gonzales’ 27-hour record-breaking concert, we didn’t foresee the controversy it would stir up. Apparently, we failed to give proper due to Mark Mallman , a singer-songwriter who allegedly performed a much longer show a few years ago. The “Marathon Two,” as it is known, sounded like the stuff of musical urban legend, clocking in at an ample 52 hours in length.

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Levon Helm: Electric Dirt


Helm cultivates the soil of his roots to create an intimate, well-crafted record

The throaty warble that characterizes the vocals of former Band member Levon Helm  in his recent records wasn’t always quite so weathered. After being diagnosed with throat cancer in 1998, Helm’s voice took on a huskier tone—yet it seems to fit in perfectly with the earthy, homespun feel of Electric Dirt. On his new album, Helm continues on the trail of 2007’s Dirt Farmer, crafting humble songs that voice Helm’s love for the land without ever sounding archaically dusty.

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